The southern area of Athens boasts of coast line treasures.  Hidden -like gems- pristine beaches, emerald bays and shine like a diamond sky blue lagoons shape the scenery; you can opt for sandy, pebbly, cliffy; secluded or organized; quiet or lively, private or with happenings going on, to relax and unwind to the soft sound of the sea or to up-boost your energy and dance to music played by the neighboring beach bar; play sports with your children, enjoy tropical frozen cocktails or take a siesta and so on. The Athenian Riviera list is endless to chose from and find the ones you trully love!

The Lagonissi Estate is in the heart of them all, a few steps away from the brake of the sea and a gorgeous lagoon with two beautiful local beaches and a short drive away from hundreds more.

The summer is here, the sun is shining, the weather is perfect and all you have to do, is put on your sunscreen and scroll down your street!




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