The sun is setting, you’ve just watched another magnificent sunset from your balcony. 5 minutes ago you were at the beach… (Aaaawww!)

Cold drink in hand, you blast your favorite music playlist…. You’re in such a good mood but what to do on those endless summer nights????

……And the night is still soooo young!!!!


You are in Greece!!!

You need to stop thinking about it and start acting like it!  Text your friends, gather the family or just jump in the car!!!!!

2 to 20 minutes away you will find your favorite Therino Cinema (summer open air movie ‘theatre’) playing a cool movie!!!

The weather is perfect, the stars are shinning and the Athenian Riviera offers an infinite list of therina cinema to choose from.

Some are quaint some are modern; some are urban some are not; some are hidden in courtyards or between apartment blocks, while others hide like little gemstones in parks or by the sea..

Either you are a cinephile and opt for a classic, or perhaps you enjoy a date night, a family night out, or even you just called up the parea (your favourite group of friends) and go out for a drink, bear in mind that therino cinema is all about the ritual…the mood…the experience -not the movie per se.

This night is about the ambience, your nighttime volta (a short stroll or car ride) the magic of unwinding, recharging and having fun;  So … sit back, enjoy your drink, your company and your movie under the stars!


Fun facts:

Therina cinema are usually open from May till the end of September. Most of them offer two screenings per night, one around 21:00, just after sunset, and the second one around 23:00. In most of them, between every few seats there are little (café like) tables so drinks and beverages, snacks and smoking are -usually- allowed.




Galazia Akti Therinos (Γαλάζια Ακτή Θερινός) , 110 Galazias Aktis, Lagonissi, Tel: (+30) 2291022244

 Aigli Therinos (Αίγλη Θερινός), 28-30 Saronidas Ave, Saronida, Tel: (+30) 2291054941

Coral Cinemax (Κοράλι Cinemax Θερινός), Aphroditis & Ithakis Crn, Saronida, Tel: (+30) 2291054097, 2291054931

Orpheas Dolby Digital Therinos (Ορφέας Dolby Digital Θερινός),  60 Saronidas Ave, Saronida, Tel: (+30) 2291060077-8

Trianon Cinemax Therinos (Τριανόν Cinemax Θερινός), 4 Kefallinias Str, Saronida, Tel: (+30) 2291054931, 2291054097

Cine Ria, 8 Aphroditis Str, Varkiza, Tel: (+30) 2108970844

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